I'd recommend trying to contact me on Discord(StormJay#4255) or as I'm most active there, just be sure to state why you're messaging me in your first message!Additionally, if you've made an order and want to check on its progress, you can see where it's at on the trello!Make sure to read the 'notes' tab if you're interested in making an order!

Currently closedCurrent sales/discounts
None currently

Bust - 10$
Half - 15$
Full - 20$

Bust - 15$
Half - 20$
Full - 30$

Bust - 20$
Half - 25$
Full - 35$
(price doubled for lineless)

Added onto the base price
sketches and linearts only have minimal and simple available
Single layered/simple: (minimal is half)
Bust - + 4$
Half - + 6$
Full - + 10$
Bust - + 6$
Half - + 8$
Full - + 12$

Full Scenes
Full scenes with backgrounds, comes with one character and a simple background by default
+ 20$ for a complex background instead
+ 5$ for flat shading
+ 10$ for blended shading
+15$ per additional character

Small ms paint icons
Currently unavailable
200 x 200 pixels
20$ each
Or you can get a bundle of 5 for 15 each for a total of 75$


Price varies, let me know if you want to order one and we can discuss details.
Upwards of 70$+


No Ychs avaliable at the moment, but check in later!

I will Not draw:

  • NSFW or Suggestive artwork

  • Gore (Blood/bleeding is fine however)

  • Ships that include the following: Pedophilia, incest, Real life people

  • Mechs or human/humanoids (I just cant draw them well. anthros are fine)

  • this should go without saying but I wont draw anything racist/anti Lgbt+,

  • Anything political.

  • Anything that makes me uncomfortable, or I do not want to draw

Additional notes:

  • Prices are in USD

  • I reserve my right to deny a commission for any reason.

  • Wait times may vary

  • I will assume by default you want to see wips as I go along, primarily at the finished sketch, finished lines, and flat color stages. This is to assure I am drawing the character properly and you are happy with it. if you do not want wips, you will need to tell me.

  • Payment is through cashapp only at the moment

  • Payment will be sent after the drawing is done (this is because I cannot guarantee I would be able to send the money back should something happen)

  • You will not get the unwatermarked image until I am paid in full

  • No refunds